River of No Return – 9 Players

9 player murder mystery on the Salmon River. 



An interactive activity where 9 participants embody characters that are inspired by historical Salmon River figures. Note: 8 character roles and one “lead role” who plays the part of the Sheriff.


Frank Church was lobbying US congress to make the Salmon River (River of No return) protected wilderness for all to use. These efforts were met with resistance by early/free settlers of the land. Frank had set out on a journey to meet these locals and convince them of his cause. While not a documented initiative, it is well known that this endeavor was also to remove free standing, unoccupied homesteads to mitigate future population growth. Unfortunately, Frank Church hasn’t returned and FOUL PLAY IS SUSPECTED!

Local residents of the Salmon River have been gathered together to resolve Frank Church’s disappearance. 

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Disclaimer: This is a downloadable PDF which requires printing ~30 pages in black and white. Approximately 1 hour of pre-trip game preparation is required.